Purchasing Extraction Systems for Your Needs

October 16th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Extraction Systems - (Comments Off)

If you are researching about oil extraction and need assistance on researching the different types of oil extraction systems, one way you can research this is by talking with a few of your science professors because some of them may have worked in the oil industry and can give a simple definition of the basic systems. Another idea is to purchase a few instructional books on oil extraction systems and how they work to remove crude oil from land and water.

Olive Oil Extraction Systems
Olive Oil Extraction Systems
If you research olive oil extraction systems, you will come across several types of equipment in your research process. One piece of equipment that is common in olive oil extraction is the grinder, which crushes the newly harvested olives. After this the worker will then use a press to press the olives further in order to extract the oil. A centrifuge may also be used to separate the oil from the water in the olive.

Oil Rigs and Slant Drill Pumps
When it comes to crude oil extraction systems, oil rigs and slant drilling pumps, the slant drill pumps are often used to extract the crude oil from the ground while the oil rigs are often used in offshore drilling in different rivers and lakes.

The types of extraction systems used for oil extraction vary by the type of oil that needs to be extracted. Some extraction systems are more time-consuming than others and some may be more dangerous to use than others.