Equipment for Palm Oil Extraction

March 2nd, 2012 | Posted by admin in Products

Palm oil is considered to be an edible product that is used in a number of food items. As such, at edibleoilextraction.com, you will find mechanized equipment that is used in palm oil extraction.  

Additionally, it is important to know the various stages that this oil extraction has to go through during the extraction process.  There are various stages that palm oil extraction has to go through such as bunch reception, bunch threshing, sterilization pulp pressing, fruit digestion, oil clarification, drying and lastly packaging.
oil mill                   oil machine
All these stages are done and this is thanks to the palm oil extraction that has been designed specifically to ensure that all the stages have been passed through up to the end product which is  used in various food products. For instance, there is the spindle press which can be operated manually and hydraulically which are used for applying pressure to the palm fruit in order to produce oil.

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